Sociologification: noun, 1. the act of bringing everyday events into larger societal focus; 2. the act of putting together patterns observable through daily life; 3. the attempt to understand something about this complex web of human societies and the self in it; 4. an attempt to continue stringing together ideas about humans and their ways so as to make my liberal arts education and my creative channel a little more tangible.

As for me, I’m just a Nancy Woo, who happens also to be a woman in a weird world, a freelance writer on the web and in my head, a lazy bum sometimes but one who gets shit done I guess, a college graduate who is swimming in debt, a big fat dreamer, a tiny dancer and an explorer who loves her cat with the passion of the insane.

Also, I fling words about the page into sometimes nonsensical forms called poetry for lack of any better word because “poetry is what happens when nothing else can,” said the grand old miserable drunk Charles Bukowski. I’ll let you know when I have a better place to post them than my little blog but until then…

Finally, I’d  like to apologize to my future children, for they will inherit disastrously poor eyesight, terribly crooked teeth and an almost abnormally small stature. But I’d like to congratulate them on also inheriting a slowly churning wit, a penchant for the agony of words and nerves that, while anxiety-producing, also enable a deep satisfaction of the little joys of life.

This is me, captured in my best light.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just discovered and am enjoying your column in a magazine that doesn’t exist yet, which is how I’ve described my own online writing workshop (creative non-fiction) and citizen’s blog.

    I especially love the name of your blog. (I am, incidentally, a retiring sociologist myself, with an interest in social theory, which I describe as “trying to see the big picture”).

    You’re clearly a real poet.

    Best wishes and goodspeed.

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